Who Is Liable for a Motorcycle Accident?


Motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of deaths in North Carolina. According to North Carolina’s DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles), roughly 4300 accidents involving this vehicle occurred, leading to over 3,600 injuries and 160 deaths. Recently, accidents across both Kentucky and the US have seen a marked increase, which may be attributable to distracted drivers as well as more vehicles on the road. If you have experienced injuries in an incident caused by another driver’s negligence, then legal recourse may be available to you. Riddle Brantley and Riddle offers experienced North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers that will investigate all available legal options to you and ensure justice is served in your situation. They’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to secure compensation that’s due.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Automobile accidents carry the risk of physical injuries; however, those involving motorcycles have an even higher likelihood of producing fatalities. Bikes offer little protection to motorists, aside from whatever safety gear riders wear – such as riding jackets and helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and so forth – which means an insignificant bump can result in life-threatening injuries to cyclists. Accidents often result in bruises and contusions, lacerations, skull and long bone fractures and internal organ damage; more serious injuries include trauma brain injury (TBI) or neck spinal cord injuries with paralysis, massive hemorrhage or even death; even when motorists manage to avoid physical injuries there can still be long-term financial and emotional repercussions that have lasting financial and emotional implications.

Determining Negligence

Determining negligence in car crashes is a complex task and depends on a variety of factors, including the number of people involved as well as details surrounding each incident (i.e. violations of traffic rules or mechanical issues) as well as aspects of driving environment such as weather, road conditions or use of helmets etc. North Carolina adheres to contributory negligence law, meaning an injured party cannot claim damages if found to share even partial blame for an accident that leads to legal complications. As in any personal injury lawsuit, the burden of proof lies with those seeking legal action against opposing counsel. This can be achieved through gathering evidence that supports your claim and shows a breach in responsibility to care; such evidence might include photos and videos taken at the scene, medical records showing injuries sustained as well as official police accident reports as well as eyewitness testimony from eyewitnesses who witnessed it all first-hand.

If you can prove the negligent driver caused your bike accident and injuries sustained, you could receive financial compensation for costs both monetary and non-monetary such as hospital bills, lost earnings, property damages, emotional trauma and punitive damages incurred as well as incidental costs such as punitive damages.


Hiring an experienced lawyer for motorcycle accidents will assist in obtaining an equitable financial settlement against negligent drivers who injured you. While determining fault can be complex, lawyers have the expertise necessary to protect your legal rights and get you an amount that accurately reflects losses suffered by victims of these collisions. They know the way in which the system functions and will work hard on your behalf to secure that justice prevails for victims like yourself. It is crucial that quickly find legal team that will represent your interests; sooner rather than later is more effective.