What is the 1998 Human Rights Act?


The Human Rights Act applies the European Convention on Human Rights’ human rights. These rights are known as Convention rights.

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Some examples of Conventions or Human Rights include:

The right to live
Respect for private and familial life
The right to freedom of religion or belief

If your human rights are being violated, you can file a complaint in the UK courts under the Human Rights Act.

What is the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)?

The European Convention on Human Rights is a protection for the human rights of citizens of countries that are members of the Council of Europe. This includes the UK. The Council of Europe differs from the European Union.

Who is the Human Rights Act protecting?

Everyone in the UK is protected by the Human Rights Act. It doesn’t matter whether you are a British citizen or a foreigner, or even an asylum seeker.

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Who is responsible for following the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act must be followed by public authorities.

Unless there is a law that prohibits them, they must respect and protect you human rights. They must comply with your human rights according to the Human Rights Act.

What is a public authority?

Public authority is an organization that performs public functions. It can be a government department, hospital, or court. Public authorities include private charities and organisations that perform public functions, such as private prisons.

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What are the requirements for public authorities to comply with the Human Rights Act

All public authorities must adhere to the Human Rights Act. When they make individual decisions regarding you, they must respect and protect human rights. When they plan services or make policies, they must comply with the Human Rights Act.

Positive steps to safeguard your human rights

Public authorities should not interfere with your human right to privacy. They must sometimes take positive steps to defend your rights when you are in danger of being killed or threatened by others.

If they are aware that your life is at risk, the police have a duty to protect it. They may violate article 2, which protects your rights to life, if they fail to act to protect you.

What should you do if a government official violates your human rights?

You can sue a public body if they violate your human rights. You can either complain to the public authority, or you might be able take legal action at the courts.

What happens if a private organization or individual violates your human rights?

The Human Rights Act only applies to public authorities. Because they have violated your human rights, you can’t take any action against them or other individuals.

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However, courts may also look into your rights if you bring court action against someone else for any reason, such as a claim for unfair dismissal against an employer. Because courts are public authorities, they must consider human rights in every case they hear.