Find the Right Business Law Firm: 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself



Are you seeking the right business law firm to represent your company’s legal interests and values? Finding suitable legal representation is crucial for your business’s protection, smooth processes and growth. But with so many corporate law firms, how do you ensure you make the right choice? The key to finding the right business representatives is to ask yourself the right questions and set clear criteria. Read on and discover three seemingly simple yet essential questions every business looking for a corporate lawyers’ team should ask themselves.

What Are My Business’ Specific Legal Needs and Goals?

The journey of finding the right law firm for your business starts even before you actually begin to research potential candidates. The first question to ask yourself and your team (or different teams this question may concern) is – what are our business’ specific legal needs and goals? Regarding needs, consider your business size and market, location, internal and external business processes – view every detail, from relevant documentation to communication with business partners. Maybe specific legal questions related to one law field appear regularly – for instance, in:

  • Finance
  • Tax
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Competition
  • Data protection

Regarding business goals, consider a business law firm as your business partner that might help you grow, improve processes, spot likely threats or possibilities, attract investors, and so much more. Assess the qualities and experiences a legal experts’ team should have. Then, look for experts who specialise in specific law fields and have proven expertise in your areas of interest.

What Specific Expertise and Experience Should a Business Law Firm Have?

Evaluate the expertise and experience of the business law firm you are considering. For instance, if you have a fintech business, look for a team with proven experience in the fintech field (local or international). If you have an e-business, it’s wise to look for highly experienced lawyers with extensive knowledge of e-business development from tax to GDPR compliance.

How to assess whether a law firm has the required skills and experiences? Check the reviews online and pay attention to their communication in the articles and social media. Most recognised and trustworthy business law firms have their websites with all relevant information (examples of settled cases, clients’ testimonials, information on the fields of expertise and specialists themselves, recognition from authorities in the field of law, etc.). One great example of such an informative business presentation could be Motieka & Audzevičius website – also, here you’ll find some great insights about business law in Lithuania and in Europe in general.

What Are the Key Values of the Company that Will Represent My Business?

When looking for a corporate law firm, you’re looking not only for someone to solve your business legal question but also for your business partners and representatives. Often legal experts are the ones to communicate with business-related people, private and public institutions or authorities on your behalf. Therefore, considering the critical values of a business law firm, it is important to align their values with those of your company. For example, assess if the internal law firm’s culture supports and encourages a result-oriented approach, expertise and excellence, efficient and client-centric communication, etc.

Ask yourself and your team questions about daily processes, struggles, and improvements they want to see. With well-thought-out research criteria, you can navigate the selection process smoothly and confidently. Remember, a strong partnership with the right business law firm brings numerous benefits – it’s not only about documentation. It’s also about expert guidance, tailored solutions, improvement of business processes and growth. Finally, it’s about peace of mind knowing that your legal matters are in capable hands.