Expo 2022 Dubai: What Can We Expect?


Expo 2022 Dubai is on the horizon

Although the event will be held in Dubai in October 2022, it has not stopped people making preparations to go.

This event is highly anticipated. It will be the biggest ever in its respective category and perhaps even more. Why all the excitement? It’s amazing that January is the busiest month for ticket sales. We’re here to tell all about it. Enjoy a glass of wine, relax, and enjoy.

Why all the fuss?

This is, in essence, a global event. It will be attended by hundreds of countries. UAE is the host of the event. They beat Brazil, Russia and Turkey to be the most recent organizers. In history, London hosted the first ever such event in 1851. A lot has happened since then.

These events allow people from all walks of the globe to share their inventions and creativity with the rest. The telephone was one example of a product that was displayed at the 1876 Expo. 2005 Nagoya Expo featured the first humanoid robot.

After winning the bid, UAE promised the world that it would be astonished by the 2022 expo. We’re not far from October and the promises are slowly being fulfilled.

Who is taking part?

Expo 2022 has a confirmed number of 190 participants. Although most of the attendees are state-funded there are some exceptions. These exclusions concern mainly businesses and educational institutions.

This isn’t an ordinary event. It will be huge. It has been announced that the US will spend up to $65 million on its pavilion. Other Western countries, including Canada, Germany, and the UK, will be participating in the showcase of their innovations and creations.

The United Arab Emirates will remain in the middle of all this. Even Saudi Arabia is said to have provided funding for a pavilion that would be the equivalent of two football fields. You heard it right! Imagine two football fields!

What is there to see?

One very important point was missed. The expo will be open for 173 days. The entertainment will last for more than 80 days, with comedians and musicians providing most of the entertainment.

Other events include poetry readings, cultural experiences, and fashion runways. Public education will be available as top universities around the globe will engage in conversations with the public.

It would be foolish to assume that this is all. Even entertainment events will be offered in the form robot workshops, extreme sports and even underwater walks. There will be plenty of activities over the 173 days.

How to get there?

Officials confirmed that the Expo will be located 40 minutes from Downtown Dubai. There are many ways to get there. The city is currently working to build a direct metro line from the Expo. It can carry more than 40,000 people per hour. You can also travel there by car or luxury limo service.

Many people will use limousine services to transport them. A few companies have already prepared their fleets for the event. To schedule for a luxurious limo ride to Expo 2022,

Where is the Event?

Expo 2022 is in the southern district of Dubai. Al Maktoum International Airport is the closest airport and most traffic is expected to be there. Authorities are currently upgrading the airport’s capacity and many of its major runways. The expo’s total area will cover 4,40 km.

When will the event take place?

Expo 2022 Dubai will take place on October 20, 2022, if the name doesn’t already give it away. Expo 2022 Dubai will be held from October 20-22, with most entertainments and shows taking place between 10 and 1. On weekends, the closing time of each day is 2 AM.

However, tickets are not yet available for the general public. Tickets for the general public will go on sale April 20th, although tickets are almost certain to be in the hands of some of the wealthiest people. Each ticket costs DHS 120 or $33.

What Does this Mean for the UAE?

Both the general public and the ruling classes have been excited by the event. More than 110,000 jobs have been created by the event, most of which are in construction. Real estate has also experienced a boom in popularity. The UAE even opened a District 2022 for this event! This district will not only house the majority of attendees and visitors but will also be a lasting legacy as the site where the largest ever event in the world took place.

Visitors to the UAE in 173 days will be in the hundreds of millions. The UAE will see up to 80% foreign visitors during the 173 days.

They are looking for volunteers

Official authorities need all assistance they can get. Event organizers have requested more help than the original 30,000 expected. They will be responsible for everything, from welcoming guests to managing the event’s specific areas. You can apply to be a volunteer at volunteers.ae/expo2020 official website and you can apply for more than 45 different roles.

The event is unpredictable and no one can predict what it will bring. For an event that showcases innovations, 173 days seems a lot. Expo 2022 Dubai is the largest event of its kind in history. It’s certain.